What is FAIR TRADE ?


Fair trade is a social movement to bring about equality among the vastly diverse worlds of the developing and underdeveloped economies. According to Wikipedia, fair trade strives to provide direct market access, translating into more benefits to the producers. The commercial market systems are dominated by long trade chains where the majority of the profits are split by numerous intermediaries.


Why is Fair Trade Important?
Fair Trade invests in social programs to uplift the marginalized producers by helping them maintain a sustainable livelihood; a livelihood that not only meets day-to-day needs for economic, social and environmental well-being, but that also enables improved conditions in the future. Prices and payment terms (including prepayment where required) are determined by assessment of these factors rather than just reference to current market conditions. Additionally, there is a commitment to a long-term trading partnership.

Fair Trade relationships take account of all costs of production, both direct and indirect, including the safeguarding of natural resources and meeting future investment needs.

Sevya’s Commitment to Fair Trade

Sevya works with cooperatives and non-profit organizations throughout India to keep the artisan traditions alive and sustainable. We are also dedicated to reviving the traditions of using natural dyes, which helps to reduce the impact of chemical byproducts in the environment, and in the garments we wear.

Our fair trade clothing and accessories are handmade using the traditional crafts of block-printing, hand-loom, tie-dye and embroidery. The artistic traditions behind these products stem from indigenous cultures which value the earth’s resources and also value the wisdom inherent in these traditions.

By buying wholesale and retail fair trade products, you help to:

  • Preserve Indigenous Cultures
  • Support Traditional Artisan Communities
  • Invest in Community-Based Development Programs
  • Safeguard Natural Resources
  • Protect the Earth from Exploitation & Pollution

Sevya is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

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Sevya's fair trade clothing and accessories are a unique fusion of fair trade and fashion. Our eco-friendly, handmade collection showcases the rich artistic traditions of India in contemporary styles for both women and men.

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