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Sevya's fair trade apparel and accessories are handmade by artisan groups in villages throughout India.  Each piece is a work of art, and is the culmination of centuries old craft traditions involving many intricate steps, each performed by an artisan who is highly skilled in their craft.  Every Sevya product is made with love and care, using the finest natural materials.

Sevya's hand-woven scarves are made entirely by hand and without the use of any electricity, which means that there is very little carbon footprint involved.  Our collection of fair trade clothing, scarves, and jewelry showcases India's rich art forms such as hand-loom, tie-dye, batik, block-printing, embroidery, and metal craft in fresh, contemporary designs.

Sevya works with thousands of artisans throughout India, ensuring that these artisans communities are able to earn a sustainable livelihood from their craft.  Every purchase of a Sevya fair trade product directly helps these artisan communities to continue these traditions and pass them on to the next generation.


Fair trade is a model of business and development that is dedicated to creating greater equality in the international trading system.  Sevya is a fair trade company and a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Sevya is also dedicated to using natural fibers, low impact and natural dyes, which helps to reduce the impact of chemical byproducts in the environment, and in the garments we wear.

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Sevya Handmade

Sevya has been working with cooperatives and non-profit organizations in every region of India for the past 12 years. We work closely with each group to keep the artisan traditions alive and sustainable.

Each of Sevya's fair trade products is the culmination of the many hearts and hands, working together with compassion, respect, and equality.

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Sevya's fair trade clothing and accessories are a unique fusion of fair trade and fashion. Our eco-friendly, handmade collection showcases the rich artistic traditions of India in contemporary styles for both women and men.

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